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Adult Education

Rabbi Mark Glickman continues to offer Adult Education courses on scheduled Tuesday evenings in the Temple Library and/or by Zoom. 

Introduction to Judaism program provides an overview of the Jewish religion, history and culture. This class can act as a stepping stone towards conversion, or it can serve as an excellent “refresher course” for members of the Jewish community. You will be introduced to an ancient tradition, a way of life, a faith and a people. We hope that you will enjoy learning about the fascinating religion of Judaism. The program runs from September until early March.

This class will begin October 5, 2021 and run until March, 2022




For many centuries, Jews have been asking their rabbis questions about Jewish law. “Rabbi, I own a store with a non-Jewish neighbor. Can we keep it open on Shabbat?” “Rabbi, am I allowed to use electricity on Shabbat?” “Rabbi, is abortion ‘kosher’?” More recently, the Central Conference of American Rabbis has created a committee of its members to address such questions from the unique perspective of Reform Judaism. The rabbinic opinions – responsa – that this committee created, will be the focus of this course. If you want to think about questions such as how Reform Judaism understands who is a Jew, or whether our movement considers it permissible to engage in charitable work on Shabbat, or whether dinosaurs are kosher, then this course is for you. Together, we will look at how Jews who see Jewish law as instructive but not fully authoritative make sense of that law for our lives today. 

Classes will begin October 5, 2021 and will run until December, 2022.

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Tue, 16 August 2022 19 Av 5782